Susan Lim & Claudia Hamm

At home in different continents and divided by over 4000 miles, collaboration has always been as easy as living next door. Over time, other neighbours and friends have joined this virtual village - game designers, content curators, culture hackers, mindfulness gurus, change experts and many others.

We all shared a vision for the future of work and a passion for improving worklife. Our values aligned around mutual respect, trust and a great level of empathy for the challenges of being working mothers & fathers.

Anybody that added value to the conversation was always welcome and this, in turn, impacted the work we were all doing.

After decades in the corporate environment we began the search for a new organisational model - one that allows more autonomy, better balance and the freedom to grow in any direction. We started to envisage a networked community that enables us to solve interesting and complex challenges with trusted co-workers across the globe and share successes and failures for the benefit of fellow villagers.

The founding idea behind the Workcollectiv is working autonomously but not alone. 

This is the beginning of our journey!